Voice of God in Musikmesse 2018


Musikmesse 2018

Musikmesse 2018 Frankfurt am Main

Voice of God

You don’t need to die to hear the voice of God! There is an Arabic proverb saying that God is closer to you than your neck veins.

Therefore, to hear the voice of God, there is no need for great talent. In terms of mysticism, whatever is causing your mental relaxation is a sign of goodness for better communication.

From this point of view, why music shouldn’t be a sign from God? Indeed, it must be said that mental peace is something that in comparison to its significance, nothing else matters.

Our aim is not the commercialization of mystical themes but merely the expression of the importance of music.

From this point of view, what would belike if God has different voices?

Where is the treasure of God voices?

Nature? Music academy? Or Music fair?

It is clear that nowhere is like a music fair showing diversity.

So if you almost want to listen to all voices of God, BHowCo invites you to the World’s N. 1 trade fair for music and musical instruments.

Frankfurt, Musikmesse 2018, 11-14 April is the event which you will never forget.

Musikmesse 2018 & Prolight + sound 2018

Musikmesse 2018 is an event which will show you whatever you expect from a music event.

From musical instruments to wonderful performances, all the facilities have been prepared to make this event the world’s largest musical event.

International top guitarists, Drum camp, Music education and special offers in line with the world’s largest sound and light show; what more you want?

Without a doubt, Musikmesse is the best place to discover the beauty of music.