Credit Points

How To Get Points in

You can as a member of earn credit points that you can easily spend it it for services or advertising or even withdraw them in cash .

The following ways are available and active for all users to get points:

1- Points for registration : 10 Points

With your first registration you earn 10 Points

2- Points for Anniversary : 10 Points

3- Points for daily visits : 1 Point       Limit : 1 point a day

4- Points for logins : 1 Point              Limit : 1 point a day

5- Points for Publishing contents : 3 Points

6- Points for Referral : 

Referring Visitors : 1 Point Limit 200 Points a day
Referring Signups : 5 points Limit 20 signups a day

Note: Our system check the natural referrals. We never accept fake visits with robots.
Signup for companies with real address and information acceptable.

What is the value of the points in ?

The Value of the points      1€ = 100 Points

How can I spend my points ?

You can spend your points for services and the premium listing costs and advertising in

Is it possible to cash my points?

Yes, you can withdraw your points in Euro. We will give you BHowCo Coupon and you can offer to the others and get cash for the coupon.

Minimum request for the coupon should be as same as the cost of Premium Bronze listing

Of course we are preparing a new online shop in “” and you can use your coupons for online shopping.

All coupons are valid for one year from the issue time.

Is it possible to transfer points between bhowco users?

Yes it is possible but not for all users. Just for verified users.

for any request or comments you can submit a ticket .