Augsburg Exhibition Center


Messe Augsburg Center
Located in the south part of the city, Augsburg exhibition center is a modern and diverse location.

Augsburg Exhibition Center - Unleashing Boundless Opportunities

Welcome to Augsburg Exhibition Center, the epitome of excellence in the world of exhibitions and events. Step into a world where innovation meets inspiration, and business connections are forged. Discover limitless opportunities at our world-class facility.

At Augsburg Exhibition Center, we pride ourselves on being a hub of creativity, collaboration, and growth. Our state-of-the-art venue offers expansive exhibition halls, cutting-edge amenities, and a prime location to host a wide range of events, from international trade shows to specialized conferences.

With our unrivaled expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that every event held at Augsburg Exhibition Center is a resounding success. Our dedicated team of professionals works closely with organizers and exhibitors to create tailored experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Our exhibition halls provide a dynamic environment for showcasing products, services, and ideas. From interactive displays to engaging presentations, the possibilities are endless. Augsburg Exhibition Center serves as a platform for businesses to shine, attracting a diverse audience of industry professionals, investors, and enthusiasts from around the world.

But Augsburg Exhibition Center is more than just a physical space; it's a community of like-minded individuals and organizations striving for excellence. Our events foster networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, enabling participants to stay ahead of emerging trends and drive innovation within their industries.

Located in the heart of Augsburg, our venue benefits from excellent connectivity and accessibility. With convenient transportation options and ample parking, we ensure that visitors can easily reach us from near and far. Augsburg itself is a vibrant city, rich in history, culture, and economic vitality. Take advantage of your visit to explore the city's attractions, savor its culinary delights, and experience the warm hospitality that Augsburg is renowned for.

Whether you are an exhibitor looking to showcase your brand, a professional seeking new business opportunities, or an attendee eager to explore the latest trends, Augsburg Exhibition Center is your gateway to success. Join us in unlocking boundless opportunities, forging meaningful connections, and making a lasting impact on your industry.

Discover the power of Augsburg Exhibition Center and experience a world of endless possibilities. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming events, exhibition opportunities, and tailored services.

The third-largest trade fair center in Bavaria

  • 48,000 m² exhibition space
  • 10,000 m² outdoor fairgrounds
  • 12 halls
  • Multifunctional Schwabenhalle
  • 2,200 m² conference center at Messe Augsburg

Optimal accessibility

    • Convenient location directly at the federal highway B17.
    • Highway connection A8.
    • An hour's drive to Munich and Stuttgart airport
    • More than 2,400 parking spaces directly adjacent to the fairgrounds

Attractive and future oriented
The pillar-less hall 5 with 7,800 m² is perfectly suited for large-scale events

Augsburg Exhibition address : 

Messe Augsburg ASMV GmbH

Address: Am Messezentrum 5
86159 Augsburg Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)821-2572-0
Fax: +49 (0)821-2572-105
Email: info[@]

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