Shaping the Future of Energy and Water: Explore Innovations at E-world Essen

E-world energy & water Essen LOGOWelcome to E-world energy & water Essen, the leading international exhibition for energy and water industries. Held in Essen, Germany, E-world brings together professionals, companies, and policymakers to showcase and discuss the latest innovations and trends in the energy and water sectors. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of sustainable solutions and shape the future of our planet.

Key Highlights of the Exhibition:

1. Renewable Energy Solutions: Discover the latest advancements in renewable energy at E-world Essen. Explore cutting-edge technologies, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, that drive the transition towards a sustainable energy future. Engage with industry experts and learn about innovative storage solutions, smart grid integration, and decentralized energy systems.

2. Energy Efficiency and Management: Learn about energy-efficient solutions and management strategies that reduce consumption and carbon footprint. Explore intelligent building systems, energy monitoring tools, and demand response technologies that optimize energy usage in various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

3. Digitalization and Smart Technologies: Witness the transformative power of digitalization and smart technologies in the energy and water industries. Discover the potential of IoT devices, data analytics, and artificial intelligence in enhancing operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, and customer engagement. Gain insights into smart metering, grid automation, and energy trading platforms that shape the future of the industry.

4. Water Management and Solutions: Dive into the world of water management and solutions at E-world Essen. Learn about innovative approaches to water treatment, wastewater management, and water conservation. Explore technologies that enable efficient water distribution, leak detection, and sustainable water usage in urban and industrial settings.

5. Policy and Regulation: Stay informed about the latest policies, regulations, and market trends that shape the energy and water sectors. Attend conferences, seminars, and panel discussions featuring industry leaders, policymakers, and experts who share insights on energy transition, regulatory frameworks, and market developments.

By attending E-world energy & water Essen, you will connect with a diverse community of professionals, gain valuable knowledge, and explore business opportunities that contribute to a sustainable and resilient future. Whether you are an industry player, policymaker, or technology enthusiast, E-world Essen provides an essential platform to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and shape the future of energy and water.

Please note that while our website serves as a reliable reference for showcasing international exhibitions in Germany, we are not the organizers of E-world energy & water Essen. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive information about trade fairs to support your quest for knowledge and business opportunities.

E-world energy & water- Europe’s leading trade fair of the energy and water industry

The E-world energy & water Essen is the leading European trade fair for energy and water management with an accompanying congress.

More than 800 exhibitors from more than 25 nations present their products and services for innovative solutions for the energy supply of the future at the E-world energy & water trade fair in Essen.

The range of offers extends from energy generation to trading, transport and storage to efficiency and the top topic of smart energy, which deals with the effective networking and control of power generators, storage systems and consumers as well as IT security and energy efficiency.

In addition, as part of the specialist supporting program at E-world energy & water Essen, top-class experts from industry, politics and science will provide information at numerous conferences on international market developments, sales, trade and energy law.

E-world energy & water Essen and Covid-19

The event will take place as a live exhibition and will feature strict Covid-19 prevention measures, including the latest entry regulations.

Among the safety measures that will be put in place are social distancing, mandatory mask wear, and pre-registration.

Between participants, a social distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained.

They must also complete a registration form ahead of time and provide complete contact information.

The contact form must contain full names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

In indoor areas, apart from exhibition stands, attendees must wear masks.

The twenty-fourth E-world energy & water takes place on 3 days from Tue., 11.02.2025 to Thur., 13.02.2025 in Essen.

Participants can expect strict COVID-19 safety measures to be installed at the venue.

Latest information about Covid-19 & Health policy in Messe Essen center

Industry sector of E-world energy & water Essen

Energy (conventional and renewable)

Main product group

Energy Generation, Energy Supply, Energy Management, Trade, Energy Engineering, Research and Development, renewable energies, Water Management, Sewage Water Technology

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“FAQ – Frequently Asked Question”

When is taking place E-world energy & water Essen?

The twenty-fourth E-world energy & water takes place on 3 days from Tue., 11.02.2025 to Thur., 13.02.2025 in Essen. It is usually in the month of May. annually

What is exhibited at E-world energy & water Essen?

E-world energy & water Essen – Europe’s leading trade fair of the energy and water industry, there are appointments with national and international exhibitors for Energy Generation, Energy Supply, Energy Management, Trade, Energy Engineering, Research and Development, renewable energies, Water Management, Sewage Water Technology, …

Where is taking place E-world energy & water?

E-world energy & water takes place in Essen, Germany and is held at Essen exhibition Center


Essen exhibition Center

11.02.2025 – 13.02.2025
Tuesday – Thursday, 3 days

Past editions:

  • 20. – 22. February 2024
  • 23. – 25. May 2023



Messe Essen GmbH
Messeplatz 1
45131 Essen
Tel: +49 201 7244-0
Fax: +49 201 7244-248
Email: info[@]


Email: mail[@]

How to get to E-world energy & water Essen

on_foot On foot:

from HBF 35 min walking distance (2.6km)

from Essen/Mülheim Airport – 1h10 min walk (5.3km)

BY Car By car:

from HBF – 6 min ride (2.8km)

from Essen/Mülheim Airport – 8-10 min drive (6.5km)

BY Public Transport By public transport:

From HBF it is only 6 min ride with U11

from Essen/Mülheim Airport – there is no direct transportation

(alternatively you can walk ~30 min to Essen Abzweig Flughafen Stop and take Bus 142 for 9 stops, which will take you ~45 min total)