Discover the Timeless Beauty of Stone: Stone+tec Nuremberg Unveils the Secrets of Natural Elegance

Stone+tec Nuremberg – International Competence Forum Natural Stone and Stone Technology, Trade Fair + CongressStone+tec Nuremberg logo

The Stone+tec Nuremberg trade fair is an international trade fair for natural stone and stone technology.

More than 300 well-known exhibitors present themselves at the Stone+tec trade fair in Nuremberg and show the diverse processing and application possibilities of natural stone in combination with other materials and construction chemicals.

The Natural Stone Fair in Nuremberg is the marketplace and meeting place for Europe’s stone industry.

The range of exhibitors covers the areas of tombs, construction, monuments and design.

Stonemasons, stone technicians, architects and everyone who works with stone will find material, technology, accessories and services here.

The supporting program brings the fascination of stone to life in lectures, discussions and special shows and offers tips for future operations.

The top themes include stone and sustainability, impulses for the cemetery and machine trends.

Stone+tec in Nuremberg brings the stone community together to explore the future of their craft and to share enthusiasm for stone as a material.

Stone+tec Nuremberg: The Premier Natural Stone Exhibition

Welcome to Stone+tec Nuremberg, the leading international trade fair for natural stone and stone processing industry. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1979 in Nuremberg, Germany, Stone+tec has become a prominent event in the stone industry, showcasing the latest innovations and trends in natural stone products and services.

Stone+tec Nuremberg has been serving as a platform for professionals, experts, and enthusiasts in the natural stone industry for over four decades. Since its inception, the exhibition has been dedicated to promoting the beauty, versatility, and sustainable use of natural stone. It has grown in stature and reputation, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

Key Features:

1. Extensive Exhibition: Stone+tec Nuremberg offers an expansive exhibition space where leading manufacturers, suppliers, and stone processing companies present their products and services. Visitors can explore a wide range of natural stones, including marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, and quartzite, along with cutting-edge stone processing machinery, tools, and equipment.

2. Innovation and Trends: The exhibition showcases the latest trends and innovations in the natural stone industry. From new stone finishes and surface treatments to innovative applications and design concepts, Stone+tec Nuremberg provides insights into the evolving world of natural stone.

3. Expert Knowledge and Networking: Stone+tec Nuremberg features a comprehensive program of seminars, workshops, and expert presentations. Industry professionals and experts share their knowledge and expertise, covering topics such as stone extraction, processing techniques, design trends, and sustainability. The exhibition also offers excellent networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with key players in the industry.

4. Sustainability and Conservation: Stone+tec Nuremberg highlights the importance of sustainable practices and the conservation of natural stone resources. Exhibitors and industry experts present solutions for reducing waste, optimizing energy consumption, and promoting responsible sourcing and production methods.

5. International Reach: Stone+tec Nuremberg attracts a diverse international audience, including architects, designers, stonemasons, quarry operators, retailers, and distributors. The exhibition provides a platform for global collaboration, fostering business partnerships and facilitating international trade in the natural stone sector.

Stone+tec Nuremberg, established in 1979, stands as a premier event in the natural stone industry. With its extensive exhibition, focus on innovation and trends, expert knowledge sharing, commitment to sustainability, and global reach, Stone+tec Nuremberg continues to shape the future of the natural stone and stone processing industry. Join us at Stone+tec and immerse yourself in the world of natural stone excellence.

Stone+tec Nuremberg and Covid-19

The event will take place as a live exhibition and will feature strict Covid-19 prevention measures, including the latest entry regulations.

Among the safety measures that will be put in place are social distancing, mandatory mask wear, and pre-registration. Between participants, a social distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained.

They must also complete a registration form ahead of time and provide complete contact information. The contact form must contain full names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

In indoor areas, apart from exhibition stands, attendees must wear masks.

The Stone+tec will take place on 4 days from Wednesday, 19. June to Saturday, 22. June 2024 in Nuremberg.

Participants can expect strict COVID-19 safety measures to be installed at the venue.

Latest information about Covid-19 & Health policy in Messe Nuremberg center

Industry sector

Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings

Main product group

Plant Engineering, Industrial Health and Safety, Chemical Auxiliaries for the Building Industry, Fastener Technology, Monument Design, Monument Conservation, Services, Conveying Equipment, Mortising machines, Grave Arrangements, Artificial Stones Industry, Landscaping Construction, Machinery, Natural Stone, Natural Stones Industry, Care Products, Stone Working Machines, Transport, Environment Protection, Packaging Technology, Tools

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When is taking place Stone+tec? 

The Stone+tec will take place on 4 days from Wednesday, 19. June to Saturday, 22. June 2024 in Nuremberg. It is usually in the month of June, biennially.

What is exhibited at Stone+tec?

At Stone+tec there are appointments with national and international exhibitors for Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings, …

Where is taking place Stone+tec?

Stone+tec takes place in Nuremberg, Germany and is held at Nuremberg exhibition Center


Nuremberg exhibition Center

19.06.2024 – 22.06.2024
Wednesday – Saturday, 4 days

Past editions:

  • 22. – 25. June 2022
    • 9600 visitors
  • 13. – 16. June 2018
    • 338 exhibitors from 28 countries
    • 12000 visitors



AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH
Messezentrum 1
90471 Nuremberg
Tel: +49 911 98833-0
Fax: +49 911 98833-500
Email: info[@]

Phone: +49 911 98833-580
Email: info[@]

How to get to Stone+tec Nuremberg

on_foot On foot:

Nuremberg Airport – not advisable

Nuremberg Central Station – 1 hr via Allersberger Strasse

BY Car By car:

Nuremberg Airport – 30 mins via B4R

Nuremberg Central Station – 10 mins via Münchener Strasse

BY Public Transport By public transport:

Nuremberg Airport – 30 mins via U-Bahns U2 and U1

Nuremberg Central Station – 10 mins via U-Bahn U1