Control Stuttgart: Empowering Precision and Quality in the World of Industrial Metrology!

Control – International Trade Fair for Quality AssuranceControl Stuttgart logo

Messe Control in Stuttgart is the international trade fair for quality assurance.

More than 900 national and international exhibitors present their quality assurance products and services at Control Messe Stuttgart.

In addition to the latest technologies in measurement technology, materials testing, analysis devices, optoelectronics and QS systems, industrial weighing and counting technology as well as sensor technology complete the exhibitor range.

A top-class supporting program with specialized technology parks, excellent special shows and diverse, know-how-intensive specialist lectures also illuminates all aspects in theory and makes Control Stuttgart a topic-focused and globally recognized specialist event.

Control Stuttgart: Redefining Precision and Excellence in Industrial Metrology!

Control Stuttgart is a renowned international trade fair that serves as a global hub for industrial metrology and quality assurance. With a rich history and a reputation for excellence, Control Stuttgart attracts professionals, experts, and industry leaders from around the world to explore the latest advancements, technologies, and solutions in the field of metrology.

Key Features of Control Stuttgart:

1. Comprehensive Exhibition: Control Stuttgart hosts a comprehensive exhibition that showcases a wide range of metrology and quality assurance products, equipment, and solutions. Exhibitors include leading manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers in the industry, presenting cutting-edge measuring instruments, testing devices, software applications, and inspection systems. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in dimensional measurement, material testing, surface analysis, and quality control.

2. Advanced Technologies: The exhibition highlights the latest technologies and innovations in industrial metrology. From precision measuring devices to optical and non-contact measurement systems, Control Stuttgart provides insights into the future of metrology. Exhibitors showcase state-of-the-art equipment, including coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), 3D scanners, vision systems, and digital inspection tools, demonstrating how these technologies optimize manufacturing processes and ensure the highest level of quality.

3. Knowledge Exchange and Expert Insights: Control Stuttgart offers a platform for knowledge exchange and learning. The exhibition features expert-led presentations, seminars, and workshops, where industry professionals share their expertise, research findings, and insights into current trends and challenges in metrology and quality assurance. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge, stay updated on industry standards, and learn about best practices in measurement and quality control.

4. Networking and Business Opportunities: Control Stuttgart provides excellent networking opportunities for professionals in the metrology sector. It serves as a meeting point for key stakeholders, including manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and decision-makers. Participants can engage in discussions, establish new business connections, and explore potential collaborations. The exhibition facilitates interactions between industry players, fostering partnerships and business growth.

5. International Reach: With its global appeal, Control Stuttgart attracts exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. It serves as an international platform for companies to showcase their products and services, expand their market reach, and connect with a diverse range of industry professionals. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into international markets, explore global trends, and establish connections with experts from different countries.

Overall, Control Stuttgart stands as a premier exhibition in the field of industrial metrology, driving innovation, quality assurance, and precision in manufacturing processes. With its comprehensive exhibition, advanced technologies, knowledge exchange opportunities, and international reach, Control Stuttgart is an essential event for professionals and businesses seeking to stay at the forefront of metrology and quality control in various industries.

Control Stuttgart and Covid-19

The event will take place as a live exhibition and will feature strict Covid-19 prevention measures, including the latest entry regulations.

Among the safety measures that will be put in place are social distancing, mandatory mask wear, and pre-registration. Between participants, a social distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained.

They must also complete a registration form ahead of time and provide complete contact information. The contact form must contain full names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

In indoor areas, apart from exhibition stands, attendees must wear masks.

This year the Control takes place on 4 days from Tue., 23.04.2024 to Fri., 26.04.2024 in Stuttgart already for the thirty-sixth time.

Participants can expect strict COVID-19 safety measures to be installed at the venue.

Latest information about Covid-19 & Health policy in Messe Stuttgart center

Industry sector

Computer-Aided Engineering, Factory Automation, Measuring and Control, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Technical Optics, Laser Technology

Main product group

Analysis Technology, Laboratory Apparatus, Laser Technology, Light Measuring Apparatus, Measuring Equipment, Measuring Machinery, Measuring Systems, Measuring Value Recording Systems, Measuring Tools, Microsystem Technology, Optical Instruments, Optoelectronics, Optomechanics, Testing Equipment, Testing Systems, Testing Technology, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, X-ray devices for non-medical purposes, Temperature Measuring Technology, Material Testing, Industrial image processing, Industrial Measuring Technology, Optical Measuring Instruments, Sensorsystems, system solutions, Precision Mechanics, Image Processing Systems, Radiation Measuring Instruments, Weighers

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When is taking place Control Stuttgart? 

This year the Control takes place on 4 days from Tue., 23.04.2024 to Fri., 26.04.2024 in Stuttgart already for the thirty-sixth time. It is usually in the month of April. annually

What is exhibited at Control Stuttgart?

At Control – International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance, there are appointments with national and international exhibitors for Laboratory Technology, Material Handling, Measurement Technology, Optoelectronics, Raw materials, …

Where is taking place Control Stuttgart?

Control takes place in Stuttgart, Germany and is held at Stuttgart exhibition center


Stuttgart exhibition center

23.04.2024 – 26.04.2024
Tuesday – Friday, 4 days

Opening hours:
Tuesday, 23.04.  09:00 – 17:00 h
Wednesday, 24.04.  09:00 – 17:00 h
Thursday, 25.04.  09:00 – 17:00 h
Friday, 26.04.  09:00 – 16:00 h

Past editions:

  • 09. – 12. May 2023
  • 03. – 06. May 2022



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Gustav-Werner-Straße 6
72636 Frickenhausen
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Fax: +49 7025 9206-880
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How to get to Control Stuttgart

on_foot On foot:

Stuttgart Airport – 7 mins via Flughafenstrasse

Stuttgart Hbf – not advisable

BY Car By car:

Stuttgart Airport – 1 min via Flughafenentlastungsstraße

Stuttgart Hbf – 20 mins via B27

BY Public Transport By public transport:

Stuttgart Airport – not available

Stuttgart Hbf – 40 mins via S-Bahn S2 or S3