parts2clean Stuttgart: Raising the Bar in Industrial Cleaning Excellence and Efficiency

parts2clean Stuttgart– International trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaningparts2clean Stuttgart

The parts2clean trade fair in Stuttgart is the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning.

Around 240 exhibitors, including almost all market and technology leaders, are present at the parts2clean Messe Stuttgart and show products, services and effective solutions in the various exhibition segments.

These include systems, processes and process media as well as their preparation for degreasing, cleaning and pre-treating components, handling and process automation, shopping carts and workpiece carriers, clean and clean room technology, quality assurance, test methods and analysis methods for cleanliness control, corrosion protection, preservation and packaging, contract cleaning.

In addition to the wide range along the entire process chain, the trade fair focuses on topics such as deburring, cleaning in electronics production and in medical technology as well as precision cleaning and quality control in clean rooms.

The parts2clean in Stuttgart is also popular with users as a source of knowledge.

This is ensured by the specialist forum with interesting lectures, in which well-known experts from industry, science and research impart the latest know-how about modern cleaning processes from all areas of industrial parts and surface cleaning in practical lectures.

parts2clean Stuttgart: Revolutionizing Industrial Cleaning for Optimal Performance

Welcome to parts2clean Stuttgart, the leading international trade fair for industrial cleaning solutions! Held in Stuttgart, Germany, parts2clean brings together industry experts, manufacturers, and professionals from various sectors to explore the latest advancements and innovations in industrial cleaning technologies.

Key Features:

1. Cutting-Edge Exhibition Space: parts2clean Stuttgart offers a cutting-edge exhibition space, showcasing a wide range of industrial cleaning systems, equipment, and solutions. From precision cleaning technologies to surface treatment processes and cleaning agents, the exhibition presents the latest products and services that drive optimal performance and reliability in industrial sectors.

2. Advancing Cleaning Technologies: parts2clean Stuttgart serves as a platform for advancing cleaning technologies across industries. It highlights innovations in areas such as aqueous cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, plasma cleaning, vapor degreasing, and dry ice cleaning, enabling attendees to explore the most effective and efficient cleaning methods available.

3. Industry-Specific Solutions: The trade fair addresses the unique cleaning challenges faced by different industries. Whether it’s automotive, aerospace, medical devices, electronics, or manufacturing, parts2clean Stuttgart showcases industry-specific cleaning solutions tailored to meet the stringent requirements and quality standards of each sector.

4. Expert Insights and Knowledge Exchange: parts2clean Stuttgart hosts a series of expert-led presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, allowing attendees to gain valuable insights and knowledge from industry leaders. These sessions cover topics such as cleaning process optimization, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and emerging trends in industrial cleaning, fostering continuous learning and professional development.

5. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: parts2clean Stuttgart provides a conducive environment for networking and collaboration among professionals in the industrial cleaning sector. It brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users, facilitating meaningful connections, partnerships, and business opportunities that drive innovation and growth in the industry.

parts2clean Stuttgart is the ultimate destination for professionals seeking to revolutionize industrial cleaning processes and achieve optimal performance. With its cutting-edge exhibition space, focus on advancing cleaning technologies, industry-specific solutions, expert insights, and networking opportunities, parts2clean Stuttgart paves the way for discovering the latest cleaning methods and solutions that enhance productivity, quality, and sustainability across industries. Join us at parts2clean Stuttgart and be part of the transformative journey towards revolutionizing industrial cleaning for a better tomorrow.

parts2clean and Covid-19

The event will take place as a live exhibition and will feature strict Covid-19 prevention measures, including the latest entry regulations.

Among the safety measures that will be put in place are social distancing, mandatory mask wear, and pre-registration.

Between participants, a social distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained.

They must also complete a registration form ahead of time and provide complete contact information.

The contact form must contain full names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

In indoor areas, apart from exhibition stands, attendees must wear masks.

The 21st edition of the parts2clean takes place on 3 days from Tue., 24.09.2024 to Thur., 26.09.2024 in Stuttgart.

Participants can expect strict COVID-19 safety measures to be installed at the venue.

Latest information about Covid-19 & Health policy in Messe Stuttgart center

Industry sector

Surface Treatment Technology, Industrial Equipment, Maintenance, Technologies, Inventions, Innovations

Main product group

Cleaning Machines, Detergents, Cleaning Technology, Cleanroom Technology, Analysis Technology, Dry Cleaning, Industrial Measuring Technology, Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Repair, Corrosion Prevention, Laboratory Apparatus, Laboratory Instruments, Laser Technology, Machine Building, Machine Parts, Mechanical Handling, Measuring Equipment, Optical Measuring Instruments, Microsystem Technology, Surface Mount Technology, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Abrasives, Metal Cutting Machines, Control Systems, Drying Installations, Pre-treatment technology, Supplier Industry, Ancillaries

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“FAQ – Frequently Asked Question”

When is taking place parts2clean?

The 21st edition of the parts2clean takes place on 3 days from Tue., 24.09.2024 to Thur., 26.09.2024 in Stuttgart. It is usually in the month of September. annually

What is exhibited at parts2clean?

At parts2clean – International trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, there are appointments with national and international exhibitors for Surface Treatment Technology, Industrial Equipment, Maintenance, Technologies, Inventions, Innovations, …

Where is taking place parts2clean?

parts2clean takes place in Stuttgart, Germany and is held at Stuttgart exhibition Center


Stuttgart exhibition Center

24.09.2024 – 26.09.2024
Tuesday – Thursday, 3 days

Past editions:

  • 26. – 28. September 2023
    • 150 exhibitors from 14 countries
    • 3000 visitors
  • 11. – 13. October 2022



Deutsche Messe AG
30521 Hanover
Tel: +49 511 89-0
Fax: +49 511 89-32626
Email: info[@]

Phone: +49 511 89-31322
Fax: +49 511 89-31122
Email: parts2clean[@]

How to get to parts2clean

on_foot On foot:

Stuttgart Airport – 7 mins via Flughafenstrasse

Stuttgart Hbf – not advisable

BY Car By car:

Stuttgart Airport – 1 min via Flughafenentlastungsstraße

Stuttgart Hbf – 20 mins via B27

BY Public Transport By public transport:

Stuttgart Airport – not available

Stuttgart Hbf – 40 mins via S-Bahn S2 or S3